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Wiley Microsoft Office Outlook 2003.pdf

If you have Microsoft Office 2003 For Dummies and just use
it to documents and for e-mail, that’s like having the
ultimate gourmet kitchen and only cooking frozen dinners or having
a 42” plasma high-definition, sound surround TV and only
watching old reruns. This book will help you take control of Office
2003 and use it to take control of your life—at work or at
home. It covers Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. (Note
that not all versions of Office 2003 have Access.) You’ll
learn how to all kinds of documents, set up and use
s, spreadsheets and do all kinds of numerical
calculations and computations, and present your creations in style.
With detailed explanations and screen shots, this guide covers:

Creating, saving, opening, and printing any Office 2003
Getting comfortable with common Office 2003 commands, including
using the menus and toolbars, working with the task pane, using
multiple windows, and copying and pasting with Office
The basics for working in Word, plus info on formatting your
text or document, aligning text, adding headers, footers, or page
numbers, adding and editing pictures, and more
Playing the numbers with Excel, with info on the basics of
spreadsheets (numbers, labels, and formatting) and creating and
editing formulas
Creating and manipulating charts—line, area, column, bar,
and pie varieties
Creating PowerPoint presentations using AutoContent Wizard, a
template, or from an existing presentation
Adding color, pictures, and transitions to jazz up your
PowerPoint presentation
Getting organized with Outlook, including handling e-mail,
organizing contact information, managing tasks with a to-do list,
and scheduling appointments
Storing stuff in Access, with the basics on using a ,
searching, sorting, and making queries, and creating reports

Microsoft Office 2003 For Dummies was written by Wallace
Wang, the popular, bestselling author of more than 20 For
Dummies computer books. It gives you a great overview and
step-by-step how-to for the most common and most helpful functions
of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. It’s a great
guide to exploring the incredible powers at your fingertips with
Microsoft Office 2003 and enhancing your productivity. 
It’s also a great reference to keep handy so you can get a
quick review of tasks you don’t often do or figure out more
ways to use Office 2003 to make quick work of your work.

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