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Wiley Introduction To Statistics Through Resampling Methods And Microsoft Office Excel 2005.pdf

Learn statistical methods quickly and easily with the discovery

With its emphasis on the discovery method, this publication
encourages readers to discover solutions on their own rather than
simply copy answers or apply a formula by rote. Readers quickly
master and learn to apply statistical methods, such as bootstrap,
decision trees, t-test, and permutations to better characterize,
report, test, and classify their research findings. In addition to
traditional methods, specialized methods are covered, allowing
readers to and apply the most effective method for their
research, including:
* Tests and estimation procedures for one, two, and multiple
* Model building
* Multivariate analysis
* Complex experimental design

Throughout the text, Microsoft Office Excel(r) is used to
illustrate new concepts and assist readers in completing exercises.
An Excel Primer is included as an Appendix for readers who need to
learn or brush up on their Excel skills.

Written in an informal, highly accessible style, this text is an
excellent guide to descriptive statistics, estimation, testing
hypotheses, and model building. All the pedagogical tools needed to
facilitate quick learning are provided:
* More than 100 exercises scattered throughout the text stimulate
readers' thinking and actively engage them in applying their
newfound skills
* Companion FTP site provides access to all data sets discussed in
the text
* An Instructor's Manual is available upon request from the
* Dozens of thought-provoking questions in the final chapter assist
readers in applying statistics to solve real-life problems
* Helpful appendices include an index to Excel and Excel add-in

This text serves as an excellent introduction to statistics for
students in all disciplines. The accessible style and focus on
real-life problem solving are perfectly suited to both students and

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